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About Us

JESUS THE WAY TRUST was established during 2007-08 with an aim to follow the footprints of Jesus Christ in providing solace to the poor, old age, mentally ill, orphans, and other socially deprived and also to provide education to the poor and the needy at reasonable cost. The trust does not indulge in missionary activities. The founder Trustee Dr. Jannet Selvakani, a pragmatic sociologist, is from a reputed family, where charity is the core value for generations. Her own sister, who become mentally ill all of a sudden and God’s touch has changed her life, committing herself to serve the needy rather than monetary beneficial activities. There are five trust member and they are:

  • Dr. Jannet Selvakani, Founder trustee
  • Mr. S. Charles, Managing trustee
  • Mr. Raja P. Mariandram, Trustee
  • Fr. Xavier George, Trustee
  • Mr. Poongavanam, Trustee

Heads for Women and Children wing:

  • Dr. Jannet, Chief Coordinator
  • Dr. Jennifer, Coordinator (Consultant Physician)
  • Mrs. Roopashree. Coordinator
Dr. Jannet
-Chief Coordinator
Basically a sociologist, obtained Doctoral Degree in Sociology from the University of Madras.
Ph: 9444949321 / 9789009242
@: jannetselvakani@gmail.com
Dr. Jennifer
Basically a physician dedicated her life for women and children. Committee member of Charitable old age home.
Mobile: +91 9444400925
Mrs. Roopashree
Basically an administrator interested in women empowerment from her childhood. A dedicated administrator precious to our trust.
Mobile: +91 9841724396

Statutory registration of the trust was made on 14th January 2008. The trust also holds 80 G exemption vide Lr. DIT(E) No 2(218)09-10 dated 18.12.2009, and registered under section 12 AA vide lr. DIT (E) No 2(218) 09-10 dated 18.12.2009.

Activities of the trust

Aiming towards its objectives the trust has conducted the following activities from the year it was established to till date.

  • Conducted training programmes for economically backward women in entrepreneurial skills.

  • Undertook a children home with 145 inmates including boys and girls with the age group from 5 to 14 at a remote village Periasamypuram located at Tuticorin District, South India.

  • Opened old age home at Chennai city for the poor and destitute old women.

  • Provided notebooks and scholarships to poor students.

  • Distributed food, clothes and other basic necessities to the needy.

  • Conducted eye camps to the public

  • Conducted medical camps

  • Counseling services including free legal help to the abandon women.
Future plan
  • To expand the services by opening free old age homes for the destitute with more capacity at Chennai and Periasamypuram village, Tuticorin Dist.

  • To open homes for abandon children and mentally challenged at periasamypuram village.

  • To open colleges and schools.

  • To increase scholarships to the deserving poor students.

  • To help more destitute women by opening homes with vocational training.
About the people
Dr. Jannet                  - Founder Trustee

Basically a sociologist, obtained Doctoral Degree in Sociology from the University of Madras. Her area of specialization is Community Development and her research is on the pavement dwellers and the fisher women. Born in a reputed family, where charity has been the core value for generations, she is a dynamic personality, spiritual and just. With God's wisdom she has been able to guide the youth and the needy by counselling them. Easily approachable, and very simple, she is capable of handling any situation in a diplomatic way.
Mr. M.S. Charles
- Managing Trustee

Basically an advocate, charity is his inborn quality. As an advocate he stands only for justice.
He is easily approachable, dynamic and shrewd. His inner aptitude for charity has made him contribute all his efforts for the betterment of the poor and downtrodden.
Mr. Raja P. Mariandram
- Trustee

A computer professional, interested in welfare of the abandon children.
As he resides at Kovilpatti, it is easy for him to make visits to the children home located at Periasamypuram village. His service to the poor students in imparting computer education is tremendous. He is also the recipient of various awards for his service to the poor and the needy.
Fr. Xavier George
- Trustee

Though he is in religious order, he has thirst for serving the abandon.
His love for the abandon children is the cause for the establishment of Sirumalar Anbu Illam, a children home for the orphan and semi orphan children. His desire to serve the children made him plead the rich to take care of children’s education and maintenance. It is with his individual effort the children home came into existent.
Mr. Poongavanam
- Trustee

The new trust member is a committed advocate. His thirst for serving the poor made him approach the trust to become a trust member.
He has concern for the poor. He works for the poor in and around his residential area denotes his willingness to work for the poor. His service is the basic qualification to become a valuable member in the trust.
An educational and charitable trust with the above name has been constituted to help and carry out spread of education and social welfare in India

This program shall help the underprivileged. The motto is to aid as many unfortunate persons as possible to get educated which otherwise could not be possible

The trust can start institutions, homes for mentally ill/ retarded/ handicapped persons, old age homes etc for the welfare of generally under privileged, poor but not restricted to those only
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